Tuesday, October 09, 2007

"I gufaught!"

These words come out of the mouth of my daughter Izzy everyday.
"I keep gufaughting, Mom."
"Oops. I gufaught!"
"I gufaught. What's her name?"
She used to be able to say this word correctly and then one day she messed up.
I even tried to correct her and help her figure out how to say it right but she just couldn't.
And this is the time in a kids life when they are gaining so much new information and are figuring out how to tell stories and use long sentences with all the new words they learn. And sometimes... they just forget. How can one remember it all? It takes work! Sometimes you just gufaught! Over and over and over!
No more correcting. It doesn't help. We just enjoy this time when she gufaughts all the time and we try very hard to help her figure out what she has gufaughten!


Eric & Tara said...

LOL That made me laugh out loud! I love that little girl and I just love this age...always entertaining.

Ike Graul said...

Sai is 7, and he still calls breakfast, brefkist. I love it.

Marta said...

Too cute! Darby says, "I can't know," instead of, "I don't know." Makes us laugh every time! Love that picture of Izzy, she's such a cutie!

Rizzle said...

I think I still call breakfast brekfist.
I was going to say something else...but I gufaught.

Chris Alexander said...

Even though I'm excited to have an infant (this week? we hope!) I REALLY can't wait until I have a child who uses fake words, mispronounced words, and totally improper grammar. Too funny! :)

Christy said...

That is the cutest story!! I have to admit it took me a minute to sound out "gufaught"...not as easy to say as you would think! : )

Kaydub said...

Yeah, you better cherish! Cuz soon she's gonna marry some guy and have three kids and you're standing there slack-jawed wondering what happened!