Friday, April 11, 2008

Another toot toot?

Yah, we're going on a train!  

See, our spring break plans included Jess and her kids coming to visit and then some relaxation at home until school starts again.  Well, it was so exciting to have Jess and the kids at our house but India was feeling bad and very sad and needed to see a doctor.  So, when Jess decided she needed to leave early she asked if we would like to come back down to Portland with her. We could have driven down but wouldn't it be so much more fun to ride with Jessica and then ride the train back home?  We decided to make it a surprise.  The kids never saw any packing and they didn't notice us making lunches for the road.  Ben took them out to play for an hour and we packed the car up and were ready when they got back.  We told them we were going on an adventure.  They were all set up with dvd players and away we went.  They did great traveling and Emma eventually guessed what we were doing.  They were very excited to find out that we would get to ride a train.  We've had a fun few days and are going to the Children's Museum today.  Tomorrow, the train! 


Kaydub said...

How was the train ride!! What a great end to a fun adventure! The kids were sooo excited to get on that train. Love ya


Jen said...

It's never heaven like you envision... It was a poor choice, yet unavoidable, to have three different head phones for our dvd player. Their was much turmoil over the head phones. The two guys behind me started off drunk and continued drinking all the way to Seattle... Snacks were our Savior, at times. We did take a trip to the "bar", as the kids demanded to call it, and got a couple things to share. That was fun. In Seattle we moved to the seats that face each other. And the last bit from Mt Vernon to Bellingham was a free for all among the children left on the train. They came out of the woodworks and were climbing and hiding and playing with each other and no one cared. I am so glad we did it but that doesn't mean I wouldn't like to take a trip by myself or, at least, not with my children, no offense.

Eric and Cheryl said...

I am continually amazed at your ability to take new adventures (that seem extremely stressful to me)that may not end up as planned. You make me laugh so much! You never let the stress of your children keep you from always "trying" to have fun. They will thank you someday for how fun you are.

Christy and I were just discussing that we needed to do a girls only weekend, SOON!

Jen said...

Maybe I could ride the train?!

This is definitely post worthy.