Saturday, April 05, 2008

It's a puppy party!

When the little girls got there they received collars and puppy ears and puppy noses. This is Victoria. She came as a black labrador.
Our first game was "take the puppy out to potty." I know I could have made it slightly easier by pinning the tail on the puppy but... It was my first idea...

Next, we had lunch. They ate out of their own personal doggy bowls. Their dog chow was cut up hotdogs and ketchup. also, string cheese pieces and pretzel chunks. And, water, of course!

We ended with a bone hunt. They searched the house for bones and some crabby patties that they had to carry one at a time back to their bowl. Then we handed out stuffed puppies to take home. Instead of cake we just had superman ice cream in dog bowls. Then they all received doggy bags with treats in them to take home, as well.

It was a great party. They were really into being cute little puppies and only had to be quieted a few times when the barking got too loud.:)


Chezam said...

I just had a really cranky day with kids with too little sleep, me with too little sleep... but this post makes me ready to go to bed blissful (after I watch The Bachelor).

Really, this looks like the funnest little party. I LOVE it Jen. I'm really sad we couldn't be there. :(

Maybe an encore presentation for Ella and Miles when we visit next? :)

miss ya.

Kaydub said...

I just love how both Aiden and Isabel's parties were just the perfect party for each - a puppy party when you are 4 - perfect! Every child wants to eat in a dog bowl like a puppy!


Anonymous said...

I love these party ideas! The team kids are going through a puppy phase too. Funny, huh?

Can't wait to see you and the kids soon!!!!