Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Blah, blah, blah

I'll admit, I'm holding back. There are days when I think of, like, three different things to write about. Then, I think, "You just posted yesterday. You can't give 'em more yet! No one's probably even read yesterday's since you haven't written in two weeks!" My heart says, "Be creative, let loose." But my laundry says, "Yoohoo, excuse me... fold me..."

So, one thing I've been meaning to tell you is that Aiden lost his first tooth. Of course, he's my second child and so I didn't even get a picture of it... Well, aren't I the tooth fairy? Yes, but I'm a nice tooth fairy who paid profoundly for the first prized tooth and left it under the pillow so he could still take it to school and show his class. Then, my nephew touched the little box it was in and so now it's somewhere in my room... No picture. I'll probably find it soon but maybe his other front tooth will be out by then. It's so close.

Emma got a second tooth pulled and it went much better than the first. This dentist had a tv on the ceiling and laughing gas! She even got to pick the movie to watch. High School Musical, of course. There was a little pain at times but at least they cared and were careful. I did love the moment when she asked if they were going to pull her tooth yet and they had already done it! Score for the dentist.

Izzy and Aiden have been to the dentist now to get there teeth cleaned and this was there first time. Aiden has had an appointment before but he was barely 4 and not ready for anything except the counting of the teeth. He will have to go in and get some fillings but, thankfully, Izzy has a healthy mouth. She was fantastic and very proud that she got picture taken of her teeth. I told the kids I should have brought my camera because their hygienist gave them permission to play with the chair. So, when she came back with the x-rays, Izzy said, "My mom forgot her camera. Can she have those pictures of my teeth?" It was funny and fun. And it happened to be the very same place that Emma had her awful experience. You never know what you're gonna get!

There's more to say so I promise I will be back soon to share!


Eric & Tara said...

HEEHEE! I like Izzy. She is funny. If I lived in WA, I think we would be friends.

Kaydub said...

It's so great to have dental insurance and go when ever you need to ! So great Emma was brave when she went to have the other tooth taken care of!

August and December - we are all going to have so much fun together - Tara, probly , you and Izzy will be best friends for sure. And Mal and India will be best friends too! Fun times ahead!