Friday, April 04, 2008

The gym

Like I said, I've got ideas...

Right now I have a 2 week pass to Gold's Gym. My friend Diane and her husband got a membership recently there so I decided it would be nice to have the same gym as someone else so I have someone to workout with every now and then. Is it necessary to go to a gym? For me, definitely! Chelan and I had a gym membership in Abilene together and it was awesome. I always went, my kids had a fun place to play, and I didn't have to figure out how to be healthier amidst my children and there ever-so-present needs. Working out at home is like phone calling, for me. There are other things yelling way louder. And whenever I start pilates or step or anything, that's when Izzy is incapable of doing her own thing. "You could walk," you might suggest. If I lived in Texas still! Walking in cold weather doesn't really inspire me. Or rain or snow.

Will I be buying my own membership? I've not given up fighting for it... My jeans are getting tighter. I'm tired of the belly bulge. I'm ready to head to size-six-ville. It's been a long time!

Go team!

Oh, and ask Ben how running is going...


Eric & Tara said...

Ask eric how running is going as well. Oh wait he's never gone.

TNHaus5 said...

I just joined the gym here recently also. I love going, still waiting for the abs of steel :) It is good for John and I too, we play racquetball almost every Sunday after church. Good Times :)

Kaydub said...

Good luck on the gym membership - dad and i are really, really wanting to walk 30 min a day - sounds so simple - but why isn't it happening?? why? why?


Kaydub said...

Lucy and I will go several days on a bike ride (okay, I ride the bike and the dog runs), and then life gets in the way and I discover it's been a week since! It's so crazy-making!


(Hey, Windage, so sorry to hear about your grandma.)