Saturday, April 05, 2008

Prepare for a scare! It's a scary party!

We asked everyone to dress up in something scary. Aiden was Jack Sparrow.
In order of appearance, scary cowgirl, witch, scary soccer monster, and Jack.
You may not agree, but I was told that this is batman...
There was a bit of pirate theme mixed with scariness. Here is a treasure box with some edible gold among other precious gems and a few snakes!
We began with scary snacks. We had brains (spaghetti noodles), eye balls (black olives), and a fish bowl with goldfish for the eating. They also had there choice of blood (tomato juice) or a secret potion (little water bottles with different colored dye in them) to drink. The blood was not the prefered beverage. I should have thought it through and just bought V-8Fusion. That, at least, tastes good.

Here we have pin the spiderman on the web.

This is Aiden's best friend at school, Hayden. Hayden and Aiden BFF.
We missed out on pictures during the other two games. One was target shooting with a Nerf dart gun. I intended to shoot these stretchy gooey bugs I bought but they wouldn't stay stuck on the window. The other was are "war" game which consisted of two teams with a bunch of army men and a larger warrior man that they had to protect. They set up their army men to protect their big man in the back and the other team had small soft balls to roll and knock down there army. They all ended up getting pirate plates to take home.

We had dirt/mud with worms and ants for our "cake". It was delish'.
Aiden was so fast blowing out the candles that we missed it completely.

The kids took a bag of loot home with them as well as a large handful of army men. Oh, and gooey bugs! Each of my kids thought their own party was the best and that's just how it should be!


Eric & Tara said...

Aw! The parties look like they were a huge hit!! Ummm the one thing you forgot is the cotton ball game and the clothespin game. Helloooo, we play those at every party Jen!

Jen said...

Hellooo, I used those already!

Eric & Tara said...

Well, did you play the fishing game?? That's what I thought.

Jen said...

Duh! That was way back in Gresham! Guess you wouldn't know...

Kaydub said...

girls, girls.
Jen, i just love how creative you are! The kids will always bemember these special parties. mmm fun.

Kaydub said...

'Sorry, but what you girls refer to as family traditions may have actually been a lack of creativity on the part of your parents!

Jen, your party creativity is amazing!