Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Today is Izzy's birthday! She is four. On Sunday was Aiden's birthday! He is now six years old.
With family having been at our house we opted for a weekend filled with nothing. We have scheduled their parties for this coming weekend. Izzy will be having a puppy party and Aiden will be having a scary party with a war. (Let me tell you, Ben is really proud of that one. Not.) So far, for Izzy's, we've thought of having a hunt for bones for the little puppies. We have puppy plates and napkins. And we still have more to think of. For Aiden's we will have a scary pinata with all of them dressed up in something scary. Aiden will dress up as Jack Sparrow. We have Pirates of the Caribbean plates and napkins. We have yet to decide what this war will look like without any one getting sad or hurt. We are off to the Dollar Tree later for some inspiration. We are also going to play pin the Spiderman on the Web. We will report with pictures, battle wounds, and a few puppy treats.


Marta said...

I just can't believe how big/old your kids are! Hope the parties go well and that you have a casualty-free war! :)

Eric & Tara said...

Maybe for Izzie's party you could play pin the tail on the puppy.
And maybe for Aiden's you could play hide and go seek in the dark...that's kinda scary/fun...unless it is light. Maybe you could also have some creepy foods like a big bowl of gummy worms and bugs.
Oh how I can't wait to plan mal's first bday...!

jocelyn said...

I can't believe how old your kids are! Wow!!

For Aidan's war, I have a couple of ideas. One idea: you could put Alka Selzer tabs on strings like necklaces. Then give all the kids water guns. When their Alka Selzer totally dissolves, they're "out." So you can divide the kids up into teams and the team with the most people standing at the end wins! It might be too cold for this game, though.

Idea #2: A flour war. Put a bunch of flour in paper bags (or something else that will pop). Then divide the kids into teams and have them play against each other like they might play paint ball. You can sometimes get a bunch of flour for free from a food factory (like a bread factory).

Maybe these are some fun, non-violent ways to stage a war. I've played the water game and loved it when I was a kid. My parents through a flour war (though they called it a "sham battle" to keep the word war out of it) when my brother was a boy.

Hope you have fun!

Eric & Tara said...

You could also have a water baloon fight with the grenade water baloons.

For Izzie's you could get a pack of shrinky dink paper at the craft store and they could each make their own collar/neclace with their name or whatever on it.

Jen said...

Thanks guys! I'll let you know!