Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Daily lessons

Starting off with a side note I have exercised two days in a row now. Yesterday I did step for a half hour and walked with Izzy for a half hour. Today our walk consisted of walking all the way to Fred Meyer, shopping a little and walking back. We ended up being gone for the whole morning! So, congrats to me. Tomorrow I will clean the church building as my work out. Maybe I'll do lunges as I vacuum!

So, while we were at Freddies we decided to get a doughnut. Don't bring up my choice of snack! I know it's a red light food! We were patiently waiting slightly behind the couple picking out their doughnuts and as they finish a guy runs up, grabs a bag, and gets his hands all in the bins and goes about his shopping... Hello? I can promise you that with a very large bike trailer as our stroller inside the store that we were more than visible... Well, whatever. We just patiently waited our turn. Again. Next we go to the deli to purchase our food and get a milk. We stand a ways back to allow for traffic to flow around us and wait to check out. An employee even asks us if we need anything else while the person in front of us finishes checking out and she gets us our milk and sets it on the counter. Very nice. Then a lady from the left comes wooshing in with her cart and says, "I need a coke!" and she pays for her coke, and I'm like, "God, are you teaching me patience today?" So, I think I shall be more intentional on looking for the things God is looking to teach me. It may be patience, daily! But, whatever it is, I definitely want to look for it.

I have been noticing other ways I can be patient. Like walking slowly with Izzy as she tries to balance on something instead of telling her to hurry up. What am I in a hurry for? I want to appreciate being able to walk to the store. Do I always have to "hurry" and get to the store? As my life begins to find rythym again, I hope to find lots of patience and peace.


ben said...

I like you, babe. I'm sure if I listened and paid more attention to your instincts I would be a better person. Thanks for the ways you lead me.

Eric & Tara said...

Mmm. yes. I feel like I am in a constnt state of needing to learn patients. Somehow, I always find it hard to really enjoy the little things because I am thinking about the next thing we need to do. I hate it.

In respons to your question: Yes, I can make big kid and now adult cuffs! I just got more materials and should be poting them on my etsy site in the next day or 2. I have sold 12 already!! Yay, we might be bale to pay our bills!

Just us 3 said...

I also like to use those times to teach other people patience! You know, why do we have to be the ones will all of the patience, I ask you?
Well, I guess it's probably better not to get wrapped up in telling people what to do, but sheesh, you know?

My 2 cents.

TNHaus5 said...

Jen you are a great writer. I love reading your posts. This is a great lesson for us all. (I love your choice of snacks, that is so what I would do, especially since I have a donut lover in my middle child. )