Sunday, September 21, 2008

My Garden!

This represents my feelings toward my garden.

It's gone to pot.

Couldn't save it. It's production was a tease and far less useful than I expected. It's not all over. The tomatoes have survived "the plague" as I like to call it. Some flowers survived. I got some sweet peas, some sugar snaps, some strawberries, one lemon cucumber, one mini cucumber, and two full size green beans. Everything is a shriveled, poopy, stupid, dumb head now. My tomatoes are alive despite me because I refuse to go outside and tend to anything. It's too depressing and I don't want it any more. The tomatoes are suppose to be romas but they are actually the size of cherry tomatoes and they're ripening.

Next year I plan to have a real garden in the ground. I feel capable of having a garden and I proved that to myself even if you guys think I'm a failure at gardening. You weren't here, so you don't know. I've learned very useful things and know things to do and not to do next time. One being few pots! I will reserve them for flowers and I will patch up the holes I drilled in my beautiful pedistal pots. That was a bad idea. Good for you, all you people with produce. Good for you. I'll just get mine at the market now. No more energy for death!
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Eric and Tara said...

Word. I had one garden box and we were so excited about it in the begining, but after a while I would forget to water it and then I didn't even want to water it and then I didn't want to weed it because it was scary and out of control and grew outside of the box, despite me attempts to let it die. Theeen, it grew so much fruit (without me watering it) that I was even more overwhelmed and so the glorious fruit just hung onto it's stems until it shriveled up and died. Was that an inspirational story?
And yet somehow, I want to try again next year! But I am not sure if I can because a few months ago Eric sprayed pesticide ALL OVER IT!! I am still pissed about that. He also sprayed pesticide all over my brand new Pampered Chef baking stone. How? You may ask? I was baking something on it and burned it to a crisp so I set it on the back patio to cool off- and that was when Eric decided to spray pesticide in the backyard and all over our ORGANIC garden and my baking stone. Yep, still angry about that.

Jen said...

Pesticide? Where's the green in that? I'm so angry. I guess you'll have to find a new back yard. thanks a lot, Eric! I guess you'll have to move now. Maybe to Washington. I don't even know...

Phelps family said...

I feel your pain about the garden. We have had so much rain this summer nothing has grown well for me. Seriously, the ground has never dried out all summer. I've gotten a few herbs, and there's still hope for a few carrots, but the slugs devoured my zucchini, green beans, pretty much half the garden. And they did it in three weeks while we were out of town.
I'll try again next year though. I've learned somethings too. I'm going to try to grow a tomato plant in a pot indoors next year. and plant everything earlier.

And I feel your pain about your house hunt. We just moved into our first home 1 1/2 years ago, so it's still fresh. I'll pray that you find the right one at just the right time.

Kaydub said...

This should be titled "Garden laments". Pots that don't produce . . . pesticide . . .slugs . . .dumb seeds and dumb dirt . . . much to lament.