Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Two Proud Moments... Strike that, three

So, two things have made me very proud regarding Emma this week (give or take).

At church, if you are unaware, we have one particular scripture that we are dwelling in for an entire year together every time we gather. This consists of reading it together, reflecting quietly sharing with one person what stood out to you and then sharing what you heard your partner saying to the rest of the group. It's a practice in listening in multiple ways. We even do this with many of the children. Or at least read it with the littler ones and talk about it. So as we entered into a new school year and a new teacher with a new style of homework we were working on a reading log. We had finished reading and needed to fill out her paper and after I read the questions with her and she tried to answer them she said, "I feel like I'm dwelling in the word at church!" That's a proud father/preacher right there, if ever there was one! :)

The second is we were walking up from the bus stop and talking about doing homework and she said, "Can we read the book about Tom Sawyer, today? He does such funny things!" Proud mother moment, right there! For one, I bought her the Adventures of Tom Sawyer and two, I started reading it to her! That should make my own mother proud!

Third, Emma knows how to swim despite me with no lessons and no plugging of the nose. End of story.


Eric and Tara said...

Sweet sweet girl!!
And no plugging of the nose?? Genious.

Kaydub said...

It MUST have been that one single historic day in the Sherk's pool with Grandpa! (I did, of course, apparently attempt to "drown" Aiden, but that's a price I was willing to pay.)
And Tom IS funny.

Kaydub said...

I am so proud of our precious girl. Actually, i am so proud of all 5 of you! We have a book shelf with a bunch of classic books emma may enjoy - so next time you are here - help yourself!
I love you sweet family!