Monday, September 22, 2008


Two bullets on the subject

*I was thinking, for some reason, about the neighborhood I used to live in during some of my growing up years. I lived in the Oakbrook neighborhood. It was a great place to be able to ride bikes, there was a park close by and don't forget the beaver marsh! It wasn't actually a marsh at all but a foresty area with a stream running through it and a path that took you around a long loop. Lovely! And then I thought, if I ever lived in Vancouver again, I wouldn't mind looking for a house in the same neighborhood. Then I thought, I wonder how prices are comparable in that neighborhood to what they are here in my neck of the woods. So, I looked up one of those cool maps where you can see each little house icon in any particular neighborhood and get the details. Two things, I noticed. One, there are some brand new homes on 99th st that amaze me. Only because it was all full of houses already! What did they destroy to errect new ones? And not just one new either! Second, our old neighbor lady on the corner with the poodle's house is for sale. I'm sad to say she probably passed away... I remember her house so vividly.

*I was going to write a different post about how we were going to make an offer on a house. It's right near the church building, big enough, wood floors, lots of light, big yard, green house, not to mention some chicken pens. It's a repo and we've been wiating for a while to see if they were going to lower the price at all because there are many things that have to be done before it's actually livable! We were at least waiting so they would accept a low offer. Well, we made the decision yesterday that we would write up an offer and sign it as soon as Ben gets home on Friday. Well, unbeknownst to my dear husband, there is now an offer pending on it... What?! Darn! Well, isn't that devine intervention? Man! Now I get to sit at home waiting for Ben to come back so we can look more... Poop.


Eric and Tara said...

But don't you think it's fun to look for a new house?! I love to look around town and online and we are not even considering moving. But it is so fun to find the perfect house! (nevermind that it is probably not in our price range)

Rici said...

I agree with Tara. Real Estate gauking (sp???)is a wonderful pastime. I loved the Beaver marsh. It was like a secret world right out your backdoor...or apartment entrance!! You guys had it made!

Kaydub said...

We did have it made! Good times. Remember when we were all on a walk in the beaver marsh with snitch and she fell off the log into the creek and had this horror look on her face as she held onto the log with her little front paws??
sorry about the house with the chicken coops.